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  • Wordpress Website Designs
    • Stylish and Professional
    • Intuitive and Interactive
    • Search Engine Optimised
    • Fully Integrated with Social Media

Wordpress Web Design

Citizen Click - Wordpress Websites

Using our expert marketing and design skills we create Wordpress Websites that will convey your message to potential customers and clients, resulting in repeat visits and increased sales.

Social Media Marketing

Citizen Click - Social Media Marketing

With Social Media Marketing you can reach a targeted selection of potential customers or clients for your product or service in a cost effective way enable you to increase your visibility and build relationships.

Video Production

Citizen Click - Video Production

Using Video you can get your messages out to the world very quickly, simply and cost effectively. Videos can provide great added value for your consumers, stakeholders and potential customers.

Don't you just hate the way that some people make the web seem so complicated it's as if they want to exclude us ordinary folk completely. Back in 2005, when I started a small business with very little money in the bank, I quickly found out that setting up my website correctly, using social media effectively and generating a few simple videos helped me get my message out to potential customers and brought new, much-needed business to my door.
My team grew and today Nate, James, Kyla, Phil and I are here to help you to develop your business using digital media.
We manage over 1 million followers on Facebook.
So far, over 600 people have attended our one-day Social Media workshops.