About Us

We help businesses large and small to discover the benefits of using digital media by making it practical and keeping it simple. In fact, we say that we ‘make digital media that little bit easier’. We translate the techno-speak and help you get all the benefits of a website, social media and video without needing a blockbuster budget or a degree in megageek.

We keep up to date with the latest cutting-edge information and thinking on social media and the Internet. It changes every day – Google updates in 2016 sent shockwaves across the Internet and the Social Media Marketing world.

We stay close to what’s happening and follow the major thought-leaders in both the UK and the rest of the world. This keeps us and our customers ahead of the game. You can be confident that what we are delivering for you is not just current and relevant, but also tried and tested.

History and Background

Having grown organically from its origination as a personal development organisation, Citizen Coaching has evolved over the years from the original focus to develop a number of services that make a positive impact in the local community through the provision of high quality counselling, coaching, mentoring and employment programmes that address mental health issues, offending behaviours, addiction recovery and ‘worklessness’.

Due to lack of support form existing social enterprises in this sector, and the increased demand for digital media solutions, Citizen Click was created as a trading arm of Citizen Coaching. The business is recognised as a leading supplier of website solutions and social media marketing strategies in Birmingham and the West Midlands for the third sector. Currently Citizen Click specialises in WordPress web design and development, graphic design brand creation and social media marketing. Citizen sells websites and social media services to individuals and companies, particularly those organisations with like-minded missions. In 2016 invested 11K in new equipment to cater for the uplift in work and to be able to offer a more rounded service. This new equipment will enable us deliver on all aspects of marketing strategy that we consult on as well as offering our new Business Films – complete video production and editing service.

Profits generated from Citizen Click are reinvested back into the community. Citizen Click offers job opportunities to young creatives as well as work placements for those furthest away from the labour market.

Meet Our Team

Matt Croton

Videographer in Chief
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Jess Bloise

Digital Media Assistant
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Ed Rigby

Digital Media Assistant
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Our Vision

To service as many Social Enterprises, Social Entrepreneurs and Community Interest Companies (CIC) to success as possible by supporting them with their marketing needs.

Although they may not all be profit driven they will all want to do better business to make a bigger social impact. It’s not uncommon for small organisations, particularly start-ups, to struggle with their marketing as they don’t have the skills, expertise, funds or time needed to create and execute a successful marketing strategy.

We seek to address these issues by offering affordable, jargon free services, of which combine experience and expertise in marketing coupled with creative thinking and artistic delivery, whilst taking advantage of our extensive knowledge of the social enterprise sector.
Citizen Click works with over 60 community organisations and small businesses to build confidence and capability in maintaining and developing their own website in-house.

Core Values

Citizen Click, as previously mentioned, is part of the corporate brand Citizen Coaching CIC. As a Community Interest Company the core values identified are consistent across all brands within the corporate parent.

Social fairness and community investment are the primary core values for Citizen Click. As a social enterprise, social aims at Citizen Click are paramount and should be supported by economic objectives. Citizen Click is also committed to the continued development of the sector as a whole and thus ensures that whenever it is viable, third sector suppliers are used and collaboration with other social enterprises is encouraged.

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