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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a fantastic way of getting your message to a targeted group of people. Our customers typically fall into three categories: some have more time than money, some have more money than time and some fall in a place between the two.
For those who have the time we can teach you how to develop a social media strategy and plan, set up accounts and profiles, help you discover how to engage with using the right social media for you and finally work out if it’s been worth the effort by measuring the success of it.

For those with more money than time we can manage the whole thing for you. We work with you on the strategy, based on what you want to achieve, set up the accounts, manage the engagement and provide you with monthly reports that measure the success of the work.

We know that learning, implementing and managing your social media can be time consuming and expensive. So we had come up with a simple ‘done for you’ solution so that you can concentrate on the business why we concentrate on getting your message out to your existing and potential customers and contacts.

Working with our specialist team they will create a Social Media Package that best suits your business, including all the set up and ongoing maintenance, messages and actions for your social media. Not only that but they can also provide you with additional special media services, including: website development, branding and media content.

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