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Video Production

Steven Spielberg we are not, but I guess you aren’t looking for our life’s work and you probably want the whole thing created pronto. We quickly discovered the value of video in our own business. We found we could get messages out to the world using video very quickly, simply and cost effectively with great sound and in HD quality.

Meanwhile in cyberspace, You Tube and other sites were making video more accessible to the world and the major manufacturers were building You Tube into new TVs, fearing that the world would abandon traditional TV.
Videos can provide great added value for your customers, stakeholders and potential customers, helping you demonstrate . . .

• How to use your product
• Updates to your product (e.g. what’s different in the latest release or version)
• Real-time, live “insider peeks” into your business and products
• A particularly tricky aspect of your product. (Works especially well if you’ve had more than one actual user request about that particular aspect)
• How your team work and who they are
• The social value or corporate social responsibility you create
• The benefits your product provides
• Services your business offers (more convincing when you “tell” your prospect about them “in person”)
• How others have used your products (case studies)