Video Marketing Is a Big Deal

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Video Marketing

Here’s how video is going to help your business

Studies show that 60% of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video about a product they want to purchase and shoppers are 34% more likely to purchase after viewing an online video advert. If a customer can’t go to a shop and physically pick up and feel an item then the next best thing is a video; it will give them so much more information than text and images can convey.

Look at your competitors

Take a look at similar businesses and see how they are video marketing. There’s a huge list of types of video you can use so don’t limit yourself to just typical adverts and promo vids. A good place to start is deciding what kind of video would be appropriate to benefit what you are offering; Video Blogs are a great way of giving your customers insight to the growth and development of your company. Maybe you work with many different people or attend events and could use this to show your audience what it is you do and what they could be missing out on. Or perhaps a Tutorial Video would be beneficial to you, whether it’s showcasing a physical or digital product (a screen tutorial with a voice over perhaps). Review Videos from past customers are a great way of selling something. Who doesn’t want to hear what other people are saying before buying a product? This type of marketing is really big on Youtube amongst the younger generation right now. We could go on but really there is a type of video marketing perfect for any angle you want to take for the services you provide.

The versatility of video

Here’s some stats to put this into perspective; On Twitter a massive 700 YouTube videos are shared per minute! That’s incredible! And with Facebook even offering the embedding of video onto your timeline (for ease of play), these are certainly places you should be considering using in your video marketing plan.

Not only that but having the ability to share videos, sways viewers to share with their friends or people they think may be interested in what you offer. This is why it’s important to make sure that your pages have like, share and tweet buttons for all the major social media channels so that viewers can easily share the page.

When we think of video marketing we often limit it to videos on Youtube or Vimeo and social media, but it can be used in so much more. You can add video to your website or in email marketing! You can even submit them to other websites and blogs if you think they can be of interest to them (great for SEO and Google ranking btw).

Tips for video in email marketing

If you decide to use your video in email marketing you shouldn’t try to embed the video in the email, you should create a landing page that contains the video. You can then mention the video in your email and link through to the landing page where people can watch it. Buy mentioning a video in your email you can increase click through rates from your email to your website by 96% and it could potentially increase conversions on your landing page by up to 80% –

Videos should be clear and understandable. No matter what the call to action (CTA) is you must make sure it’s easy to understand and entices the viewer to complete it. You want the viewer to buy a product, that you want them to call you, to sign up to your mailing list. Make this clear.

Video Marketing is a great way of seeing who’s actually interested

Video is a great way of helping viewers to build trust in your company. If you’ve spent time and money making a video then it gives you that extra amount of credibility. If you have people in your business that regularly engage with customers, or you are a sole-trader that interacts a lot with customers then a video involving you and/or your staff is an excellent method of getting your audience to connect with you and begin to trust your business. Hosts like Youtube have huge comment areas so your audience can reach out even further and you can speak directly to them to inform, direct and build an even stronger bond with your potential customers.

Many video hosting sites have analytics that allow you to see how many people have been watching your video. They give some useful and interesting statistics such as how many minutes were watched, the number of subscribers you have and even viewers locality. Not only will these stats will help you see how well your video is working, you can use the analytics to help you decide what to do in future videos.

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Even with a service based business such as ourselves, if you are online and customers can’t come to meet you in person then a video is a great alternative as it will allow them to get to know you better. Read about our Video Production services here. 

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