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Logo & Brand Identity

We design professional and modern logos that will stand the test of time and help you stand out amongst your local, regional, national or even global competition!

We know that your competitors spend a lot of time and money on branding and design. It is, after all, a visual representation of your organisation and needs to be memorable. But you don't need to spend 'big bucks' to compete with the 'big boys'. We create affordable logos that will encompass your companies values and ethos with the use of iconography.

The Creative Process

Our process starts with concept art of our original ideas. We will work with you on any ideas you may have and facilitate focus groups with your stakeholders if co- collaboration is your preferred approach. We will use these sessions, along with our own creative ideas, to produce a series of concept artworks.

Following feedback on the concept art we will then further develop the ideas you are most drawn to. This is were we go from a stand alone logo to strong corporate branding, adding and experimenting with colour and composition whilst taking the greater use of the logo, in the context of web and print media, into consideration.

Once we have finalised your logo design we will send final proofs before creating your brand package. The final brand package will consist of logo files and branding guidelines, which will ensure the logo is always used correctly.

Conceptual Logo Designs

During the creative brainstorming process we will establish a concept or theme for your logo artwork. We will then incorporate those ideas into a series of logos for you to choose from. The number of logo ideas we create for you will depend on the logo package you purchase. Once you have settled on the logo you like best we will then develop it further by adding colour and making tweaks and changes until you are 100% happy.
The example logos below are based around a summit / peak / mountain theme for an organisation that supports their local community.

Logos We Have Created

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