Video Production

We specialise in creating a wide range of crisp, high quality, professional videos which are aimed specifically at raising your online presence. We utilise tricks and techniques that we have picked up over the years to increase engagement and maintain audience interest.

We have great experience in this field and a strong portfolio to back it up too, which can be seen below. Here is a quick list detailing a few of the different types of videos that we could make for you:

    • Corporate Videos
    • Product & Promotional Videos
    • Website Videos
    • Case Studies
    • Training Videos
    • Conference & Live Events Videos
    • Music Videos
    • Drone Services
    • Motion Graphics/Logo Animation

Why Video?

Videos can provide great added value for your customers, stakeholders and potential customers by helping you demonstrate . . .

• How to use your product
• Updates to your product (e.g. what’s different in the latest release or version)
• Real-time, live “insider peeks” into your business and products
• How to use a particularly tricky aspect of your product. (This works especially well if you’ve had more than one user request about it)
• Who your team are and how they work
• The social value or corporate social responsibility that you create
• The benefits your product provides
• Services your business offers (it’s more convincing when you “tell” your prospect about them “in person”)
• How others have used your products (case studies)

We can deliver a professional video production experience to give you an edge over your competitors. In conjunction with our expertise in Website Development and Social Media Management, we can assure a similar experience with our newest service.
Below are our three main packages, including our most popular product.



  • Half day filming
  • one day editing
  • basic effects
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  • two days filming
  • five days editing
  • specialist effects
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Our Recent Video Production Projects

Here is a full breakdown of the elements that make up each video production package.
  • Half Day Filming
  • One Day Editing
  • Arranging clips based on agreed storyboard
  • Text titles and name strips with transitions
  • Logos and name cards
  • Basic Video Effects
  • Basic Transitions
  • Basic Colour Correction
  • One Day Filming
  • Two Days Editing
  • Arranging clips based on agreed storyboard
  • Text titles and name strips with transitions
  • Logos and name cards
  • Advanced Video Effects
  • Advanced Transitions
  • Advanced Colour Correction
Premiere Plus
  • Two Days Filming
  • Four Days Editing
  • Arranging clips based on agreed storyboard
  • Text titles and name strips with transitions
  • Logos and name cards
  • Specialist Videos Effects
  • Specialist Transitions
  • Specialist Colour Correction

Logo Animation

We can provide an exciting range of fresh, modern logo animations which are perfect for use on your website and in video production. Logo Animations are a perfect way to show off your brand and give your audience an insight into the personality of your company.

We know that a lot of companies will push you to spend as much money as possible and often on something that you didn’t particularly want or like. We operate differently at Citizen Click by offering you affordable and professional animations that will stand out not just today but in the future as well. You will have an input for the whole creative process where we will incorporate your ideas, along with a few of our own, to create the best logo for your company.

If you’d like to receive a personalised quote for logo animation, or would like to find out more in general, why not contact us here.

Below are three of our favourite animations to date.

Here are a few fun video facts for you to enjoy.
Mobile Video Consumption Rise On Youtube Every Year
The Number of Executives Who Watch Work Related Videos Once A Week
The Number of Mobile Video Consumers Who Share Videos With Others
The Number of Online Marketers Who Use Video Content
The Number of Executives Who Would Rather Watch Video Than Read Text
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